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Managedlien consultancy services

Services Provided

As no case or company is the same, therefor we have a personal approach, with a dedicated team.
Company registrations are complicated in Myanmar, we are specialized in MIC applications and DICA registrations.

Managedline Consultancy takes care of the difficult details of starting a legal company in Myanmar so you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business. This critical work involves negotiating with local land owners and businessmen to obtain agreements that stand the test of time as well as navigating though the challenging governmental departments to secure the necessary licenses that allow you to operate your business.

Real Estate Services:

• Land and Property Scouting: Gain access to a local network that provides you the opportunity to find the perfect piece of land for your business venture.
• Titling Services: Work with professionals who know local governments and how to navigate through bureaucracy to secure the right land classifications and legal documents
• Office Location: Find the perfect place to base your company

Business Services:

• Licensing: Secure the appropriate Myanmar licenses to operate your business.
• DICA Applications: Obtain registration in Myanmar’s chamber of commerce.
• MIC Applications and Licensing: Acquire the key licenses that allows your foreign company or joint venture to legally operate in Myanmar.
• Translation Services: Benefit from working with professionals who can draft solid agreements that create the foundation for successfully collaboration.
• Opening and setting up offices.
• Mediation between companies and the government.
• Apply for permits and licenses on your behalf.
• Apply for patents for you


• Dispute Resolution and Negotiation: Work with us to resolve land disputes and other impasses to create legal agreements witnessed by our lawyer.
• Advises you about legal aspects in Myanmar
• Arrange appointments between government representatives, ministers and company representatives

Fields of operation:

• Energy sector, chemical, medical, civil and agricultural sector.
• Sroom supply, telecom sector and civil sector.
• Light to heavy Industry.
• Manufacturing.
• Human recources.
• Port services.
• Hospitality
• Transport and logistics.