Managedline: business consultancy and legal advice Myanmar

Managedline business consultancy and legal advice

Managedline: business consultancy and legal advice Myanmar

Licensing, Franchising and Distribution

Because of the initial investment amount required under the laws and the land use requirements, foreign businesses should consider using licensing, franchising and/or distribution arrangements to enter the Myanmar market. There are no specific laws regulating distribution, licensing or franchising agreements. These agreements are to general commercial laws. These include: 

  • Contracts Act 1872;
  • Sale of Goods Act 1930;
  • Competition Law 2015;
  • Consumer Protection Law 2014;
  • Companies Law 2017;
  • Income Tax Law 1974; and
  • Union Tax Law 2018.

Concluding Remarks

With the liberalization of Myanmar’s economy, foreign companies should seize the opportunity to be one of the early movers into Myanmar.

Myanmar is currently still undeveloped, Managedline business consultancy has a deep understanding of the regulatory and business environment in Myanmar. We are well equipped to assist clients with complex legal matters across a wide range of disciplines.

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