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Face of Indawgyi

Face of Indawgyi

Face of Indawgyi was founded as a way to begin addressing environmental issues in and around Indawgyi Lake. Our team is a partnership among local and international groups focusing on four main pillars: environmental conservation, educational opportunities, cultural preservation, and sustainable economic development. Together, our work generates a collaborative bond between the residents who live and depend on the lake and its visitors.

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Blue temple

Blue Temple 

About Blue Temple:

After working for couple years in Tokyo for an international company, I realized that the projects we were focusing on, might it have been urban planning, architecture or interior design, would very often serve either the developer or the city mayor rather than the employees and the citizens.

Our goal at Blue Temple -architecture and interior design group- is to work ethically in the construction field in Myanmar. We now specialize in digital urban data analysis, get private project commissions and develop alternative forms of public space in the city. Our young, experienced and passionate energy makes us very creative, not just in architectural design but also in problem solving.

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Dream beach eco invest

Dream Beach Eco Invest Co Ltd

A new startup in eco friendly investments and projects

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Face of Myanmar

Face of Myanmar

A focused lens into this recently opened nation:

Face of Myanmar is a project documenting the variations of people and culture during the most pivotal period of this recently opened nation. From the isolated mountain villages in the Himalayan foothills to the ever-growing international port city of Yangon, we will detail the livelihoods of Myanmar people through photography, video, and conversation. People are interviewed to highlight the intricacies of their lifestyle and where they live. Yet what is it that unifies them as a people…

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Fitness house0

Fitness House Myanmar

Devoded to your health. Their slogan is stay healthy and fit.

Our aim is to provide high quality gym facilities at an affordable price

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Panm asia tower

Pan Asia towers

Pan Asia Tower Company is a Indonesian / Myanmar JV having recently joined the telecom infrastructure sector in the new and rapidly growing mobile telecommunications market in Myanmar. In my capacity as Head of Construction, I am directing tower construction and site development on approximately 1250 new GSM tower sites across the country.

YANGON, MyanmarSept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On September 30, 2014, Pan Asia Majestic Eagle Limited (“PAMEL”), an independent provider of telecommunications infrastructure in Myanmar, signed the first ever, non-recourse, cross border financing in Myanmar. The facility agreement provides US$85 million of financing to support its roll-out of tower site infrastructure in Myanmar.


A new startup building a eco friendly resort.

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