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About managedline consultancy

About Managedline Consultancy

What surprises many new investors about Myanmar is how critical cultural understanding is to a successful business venture. Myanmar was closed for 60 years, and there are nuances to conducting business and building relationships found nowhere else. Being successful in the western world doesn’t necessarily translate to success here.

Managedline Consultancy was formed when an international developer asked our company CEO to solve a land dispute involving his business and local landowner in Myanmar. The developer was unable to achieve satisfactory results by working with several prominent law firms and asked our team if we could assist to resolve the impasse.

Using a combination of deep cultural insight, an extensive network of important contacts and approaching all sides with respect, the dispute was resolved and the project was able to finally continue and begin construction.

Our company is motivated by challenges and people trying to do something unique to improve the quality of life in Myanmar. Whether you are trying to build a new steel factory or a small cafe, we can make sure your dreams become a reality.