Managedline: business consultancy and legal advice Myanmar


Managedline business consultancy and legal advice

Managedline: business consultancy and legal advice Myanmar

About us

What surprises many new investors about Myanmar is how critical cultural understanding is to a successful business venture. Myanmar was closed for 60 years, and there are nuances to conducting business and building relationships found nowhere else. Being successful in the western world doesn’t necessarily translate to success here. Read more

Service provided

As no case or company is the same, therefor we have a personal approach. Managedline Consultancy takes care of the difficult details of starting a legal company in Myanmar so you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business. Read more

Success Stories

A new investor to Myanmar encountered a local land owner who did not want to transfer their property and legal documents after both parties negotiated a written agreement and an initial deposit was made.  Read more  

CEO’s Background

The CEO of Managedline Consultancy, grew up in Myanmar and lived in Europe for 30 years before returning to her homeland. Her unique ability to operate comfortably and leverage the best of both cultures allows her to specialize in solving disputes between Myanmar citizens and international investors. Read more